#141: Learning to Wait on God while trying to make Life-changing Decisions

BotROCK with Pastor Murphy
On this edition of BotROCK | Building on the ROCK with Pastor Murphy:

Featured Artist: Frank Edwards

Song Title: Lifted

Scripture: Isaiah 40: 30-31

I trust your week was great. Let me first welcome you to BotROCK with Pastor Murphy on this new time belt. I believe that this shift will launch us into greater impact. If you have been following us every Thursday by 7pm, be rest assured that you will enjoy the freshness of God’s word like never before. But if this is your first time of listening, then get ready to receive insight that will cause you to enjoy a productive life. Remember we are on air every Saturday by 7:45am on Dream 92.5FM Enugu.

Baseline Rule: More than ever before, your Speech Matters! Speak Right.

Currently we are going through interesting times in this Nation. Some people will call it difficult times but I choose to call it interesting times because through experience I have come to learn that fierce winds actually drive people into their destiny if you know how to navigate in it.

As Apostle James said in James 3, large ships are driven by strong winds, but those winds help the captain drive the ship where he wants the ship to go using the rudder. That is why the scripture says to you dear child of God that whenever there is a casting down, you should say that there is a lifting up. Because in every casting down there is a lifting up indeed but you will never be able to navigate your life to experience it if you don’t say it from your lips first because your tongue is the rudder that stirs your life in the right direction.

So don’t join the people that say negative things because of the circumstances we are currently facing. Rather look beyond the circumstances and say there is a lifting up for Nigeria, there is a lifting up for Enugu, there is a lifting up for my family and there is a lifting up for my life. As you do that, you will see how God will start navigating this country towards the glorious destiny He has prepared for us.

Today on BotROCK with Pastor Murphy I want to share with you an essential skill you require to navigate these interesting times. It is the art of waiting, specifically waiting on God. Isaiah 28:16b says whoever believes God will never act hastily or be stricken with panic. So in a sense it takes faith to wait on God.

How to Wait on God (Even for Urgent Decisions)


In our daily conversation when someone says wait for me, it simply means to stay where you are. For instance if you go visit someone in an office and the person is busy they will ask you to wait. In other words, they are saying that you should sit down at the reception, until the person is free to see you. That is waiting for us. But waiting on God is a little different from that or will I say has a deeper meaning because in contains that aspect of waiting and much more.

Waiting on God is simply trusting God to remain in a certain place doing what is right in that place even if you feel like you should move on to other things or be promoted -when you have prayed about the situation.

For instance, you have been working in a place earning 25k for a long time and by now you eagerly desire a better job and you have asked God for a better job. Waiting on God is to put in your best in that place until God comes and moves you to that better job or place. The key word there is to be busy putting in your best where you are currently. Sometimes you may even see an opportunity to move but that move goes against your conscience, waiting on God is ignoring that opportunity and remaining where you are, being diligent until the opportunity from God comes to you.

Or maybe you finished school and for some time now you have not gone for NYSC. Waiting on God is not sitting down doing nothing. The evidence that you are truly waiting on God is that you are doing your best in whatever your hands find doing and developing yourself while are expecting your miracle.

Isaiah 26:8 says walking in the way of your laws we wait for you. In other words, waiting on God does not mean you are not doing anything. It is doing the things you know are right to do in the situation you find yourself until your promotion comes.

It is like Joseph in Prison. He went about doing his best in prison and helping other people. I don’t believe Joseph enjoyed being in that prison but because he was waiting on God to lift him up, he went about doing the things he knew were right towards God even in that prison, without complaining. When God came, He promoted Joseph to the highest position he could have never aspired for. That is why the scriptures says, those that wait on God will never be put to shame.

In other words, if you wait on God in any situation, when God comes He will lift you up to a position that will wipe off all the shame you must have experienced in the period you waited for Him.

Trust and Expectation are key components of waiting on God.

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You need to trust that God is for you and not against you with all your heart and not lean on your own understanding if you are going to wait on God. Sometimes you will think that nothing is happening and you are actually lagging behind but you have to trust God with all your heart and not make any hasty decision, which may ruin you or set you back even further.

Because your desire for change of status is very strong, there is a huge temptation to lean on your own understanding in making a hasty decision. People have taken wrong jobs, married wrong spouses, and gotten into wrong relationships because they were not patient enough to wait on God. And the reason for this is that they don’t trust that God is on their side. Remember scripture says whoever believes or trust in God will not act hastily. Even if things are not going the way you expected them to go don’t become fretful, rather trust that God is on your side and wait for Him. Like Joseph, He will lift you up in due time.

Secondly you have to keep your expectations high that at the end because you waited on God, you will never be put to shame. In other words, you should keep the expectation that you will experience exceeding abundantly above what you can ask or think at the end.

In Philippians 1:20 Paul said that according to my earnest expectation, I will not be ashamed. You need to expect that God is working everything together for your good because He is indeed and you will not be put to shame. Your expectation determines to a large extent how you will act when waiting on God. It will keep you active and not complacent.

In a season like this in Nigeria, waiting on God will distinguish you. Rather than complaining about the situation, you will rejoice that God is bringing prosperity to this Nation soon, that this light affliction we are experiencing is actually working for us an eternal weight of glory. And indeed you will partake of it.

So wait, I say, wait on the Lord, for there is no shame to them that wait for Him. He will fulfill all that He has promised you in Jesus Name, AMEN.

BEFORE WE END OUR PROGRAM TODAY, I want to give you an opportunity to make Jesus Lord of your life. He wants to make Himself real to you if you will let Him. Say this simple prayer with me:

Jesus I know you are the son of God and you died for my sins. Today I give you my life, take me and change me. Be the Lord of my life. Thank you Lord, for I am now yours!

If you sincerely made that prayer from your heart, you are now a child of God and have started the journey of a fruitful life. Join a Bible believing Church that will help you grow in God. If you reside in Enugu city feel free to visit us at The Cornerstone Church, Trans-Ekulu, we will be glad to have you.




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There is a mighty revival of the Spirit going on in Enugu, and it will spread to the entire Eastern Region. It is a Pentecostal revival of the Spirit. Many of us have been praying for this for some time now and it is here finally! Do not be wary in your in your prayers & fasting. It is already here! The work of God shall be established.

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