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Why I wrote this Book

I HAVE ALWAYS always been passionate about teaching people the applied truths of the Christian life. I believe that Christianity is reduced to a mere religion if you don’t see the practical results of what Jesus has accomplished in your life.

In this book, I have discussed some of the most common challenges like fear, habits, sickness and curses, that I have noticed from my interactions with people. But I didn’t just announce that you should live free from these things, I have endeavored to practically show you HOW you can overcome them and live in complete freedom.

Whatever your background, Christian or not, this book will help you experience liberty from anything that has been limiting you. The principles you will learn in this book is applicable across every aspect of your life, career and business.

My utmost desire is that as you practice these principles, you will enjoy the limitless freedom that Jesus purchased for you and experience what it means to live in complete FREEDOM… Unbound, Unleashed, Unhindered!

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