Favoritism? Here is Why Your Blessings are Guaranteed

“God shows no personal favoritism to any man”


That hit me recently while reading Galatians 2 and it’s a fact! But sometimes it is hard for us to understand because as relational beings it seems logical to show favoritism. Am I meant to give the same opportunity I would give my brother to a total stranger? As a matter of fact, you may be the subject of a family meeting if you act like that.

But in thinking of this phrase I realized something, the reason we tend to show favoritism is because we have an “economics mindset” of limited resources and opportunity cost, if you know what I mean.

That is not the case with God who always produces stuff in excess and with whom all things are possible. When you can give everybody that come the same opportunities and still have much more to give others that may come, there will be no need to show favoritism.

Imagine walking into a mall or market, where valuable things are on display for sale -only, you don’t need to pay for anything (say goodbye to window shopping). That is how God sells as He clearly said in Isaiah 55.

But then you know you’ve got a problem when one look at the goods in the mall/market creates a sudden-onset fear to enter the mall, “talkless” of attempting to price. “My money no reach that one” you quickly advice yourself.

In real life with regards to our human relationships, it plays out some worth like this: Sometimes when you look at other people’s life you can get the impression that God seems to be showing them more favour than you. The resulting effect arouses unspoken funny feelings like envy, jealousy and covetousness.

I assure you, these are products of that economics mindset, because when you remember that God is not limited in resources and that He shows no personal favoritism, you will be confident to enter the same mall (God’s Word), and purchase your own blessings with your free currency (Faith).

If you see anybody that God blessed to any degree, it’s an exciting indication that you can receive your own blessing from God. Instead of being depressed when someone else gets blessed, rejoice because the mall is open to everyone, and it is FREE. In fact if you walk right in, you’ll find lots of goodies with your name on them.

For there is no difference, the same God is RICH unto all that call upon His name.

He is such a boundless God. Favoritism is not in His dictionary, is it in YOURs?

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