Have you ever felt that God disappointed you?

Some time ago I was anchoring a small group hangout and we were discussing disappointments. So I asked this question: “Have you ever felt that God has disappointed you?”

What followed next was a brief awkward silence…

Someone in the group finally answered, YES.

Then came the interesting part. The reaction of another participant was an expression of bewilderment, like did this person understand the question? How can God disappoint you?

It was even more dramatic when I (the Pastor) said; “I have felt like God disappointed me.”

I sense your eyes brows risingJ. But that does not bother me, because I’m in the company of the greats. Like Moses, Elijah and wait for this… Jesus. Remember the powerful “My God, My God” confession on the cross?

The truth is that if you have been truly walking with God with all your heart, at one point or the other you must have FELT that God disappointed you. Now the key Word there is FELT, because it is only a feeling, indeed God can never disappoint you!

He has said He will never leave you nor forsake you.

However, because God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours, we sometimes miss His thinking when we are expecting things from Him. For instance, at the beginning of the year, you may have prayed for an increase in your income and you believed that God answered your prayer. You had already figured out that the answer will be a promotion in your office. But by April you were laid off from your Job. That can be very disappointing right?

But in God’s mind, that may have just been the first step in answer to your prayer because while you were expecting a 50% raise, God wanted to give you a 200% increase by helping you start a business He had placed in your mind. I believe this was one key lesson Joseph learnt.

The sad part is that if you don’t handle those circumstances well, you may be blinded to what God is doing and linger in that phase of your life much longer than is required.

So here is the winning mindset that I’ve come to terms with:

“Even though I don’t understand it, God is at work for my good”

Declare that repeatedly to yourself. Then go ahead and rejoice.

With time it will become clear to you and everyone else that God never disappointed you.

That has been my experience, what about yours?