Overcoming Self-Consciousness

Recently I went to the barber’s shop to get a haircut. While cutting my hair the barber tried to sell me some barbing accessories. The only thing was, he had a funny approach. Rather than pitch his products to me, he teased me for not having them.

But oddly, his ‘jabs’ got to me. I felt agitated within me, -although I kept my cool.

I thought the guy was wrong for acting like that.

Just then a question came up in my mind (I believe from God): Is the issue really with the guy or with you?”

That got me thinking. Why did I feel agitated?

I realized that I was just being too self-conscious.

As the saying goes, identifying the problem means the battle is already 50% won. And I’m glad I knew the solution to my problem: Love is the answer.

So here is the thing I came to terms with as I walked off from the barber’s shop that day: “Some other guy could have been in the very same situation as I was, and he could have joked around with this barber (maybe even cursed back at him), both shared a laugh over the accessories, and still NOT buy a thing!”

One of the most amazing things that keeps unraveling as I grow as a Christian, is the love nature that we received from God. You see, love is never self-conscious, self-absorbed or selfish. The love lifestyle completely liberates from the hassles of life and empowers you to live freely without stressing over small issues. That excited me!

Love-consciousness brings the fun back to life and God has empowered us to live this lifestyle. Romans 5:5 says that God’s love has been poured generously in our hearts. The more we take advantage of it and grow in it, the freer we will be to enjoy life.

On a final note, whenever anything agitates you, don’t shift blame; take responsibility and ask yourself “How will love act in this situation?” Then have a fun laugh at yourself, make the adjustment and move on. It’s refreshing!

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