What IF: My Future is History? Or happening Now?

“When I’m lost in the mystery, to you my future is a memory, because you are already there”

That’s a line from one of my favorite Casting Crowns songs. I love that song! Do you know it? The song was not referring to a man but to God. And that is one of the attribute of God that I love.

Sometimes though, it can be frustrating, especially when I seem to have no clue on how the dramas of life are going to play out and I don’t seem to be getting any clear direction from God, to who my future is a memory. I guess you know what I mean.

Those times when you are looking for a job but nothing seems to be coming out, or a loved one is badly sick and you have no clue if they will recover, or you have a financial obligation and time is fast running out but you have no clue where the money will come from.

What do you do in such times?

In my experience, I have come to realize that when you can trust God against all odds in a dire situation, you may not always get what you expected but you will always look back at that event with joy because the outcome will be better than what you expected -and you could not have been able to predict it!

Even though it was a mystery to you, God had it all under control.

He always works all things out for the good of they that love him (or should I say) trust in Him.

Truth is, the outcome of your present situation is already history to God

Plus He knows how to bring you into His history if you’d trust in Him.

I like the way Apostle Paul put it. He said Thanks be to God who ALWAYS leads us in triumphant procession in Christ (2 Corinthians 2:14). In other words, when you stick with God even when things seem to be going “south”, you will always come out victorious.

So what do I do when my future seems like a mystery?

I simply trust, rest and do what is noble and sincere in my heart per time.

I may not know how to change the situation I am currently facing but I know the one who has the whole world in His hands does. I am persuaded that He will always come through and give me the victory when my heart is stayed on Him. He will for you too.

Your future is already here, ‘cos He lives in you.