What We Believe

The Holy Bible

  • We believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of the living God and He is God
  • We believe that He lived and walk on the earth and was killed by crucifixion and after three days he resurrected from the dead
  • We believe that in His death he went down to hell and broke the authority of the devil on this earth
  • We believe that He is currently seated at the right hand of God from whence he will come to the earth again
  • We believe by His death and resurrection He established a new kingdom on this earth which is the Kingdom of God
  • We believe that by His death and resurrection he has created a new kind of man with the nature and life of God almighty
  • We believe that whosever believes in His death and resurrection has become a new kind of Man having the nature and power of God
  • We believe the Holy Spirit is God on the earth now
  • We believe in the Pentecostal experience with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and the sign of speaking with new tongues
  • We believe the Bible is the Word of God that is never failing, never changing, always alive, and a sure guide for living a successful life on Earth
  • We believe the Bible contains the revelation of the will of God for every individual believer and for the Church as a whole
  • We believe every believer (Christian) has the Holy Spirit in Him and has access to the power of God for daily living
  • We believe every Christian is a citizens of the Kingdom of God, having rights, privileges and responsibilities in the Kingdom
  • We believe every Christian has the power to live a supernatural life on the earth
  • We believe in the basic doctrines of Christ: Repentance from dead works, Faith, Baptisms, Breaking of bread, Resurrection and Eternal judgment
  • We believe there is a Heaven and there is a Hell
  • We believe in the Church of Jesus Christ and we are all members of that Church

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